Bride with bouqet

Freelance Photography


The client needed a last minute photographer so I offered to help. I arrived at the location early so that I would be able to write down the settings needed for the different spots the event would take place. I then began taking photos of the different moments that the bride had previously asked for. After the wedding and the reception, I began the editing process. I sent the couple the shots provided on this page as a preview of what is to come and continued to update them on my progress. I wanted to make sure that focal points such as the rings, the couple, and the bouquet were more vibrant and bright than the background so that they would naturally stand out to the viewer.

Bride and Groom looking at each other lovingly with the bouqet in the foregroundOverhead shot of couple's rings with bouqet and bride's bootsBride and Groom positioning hands with bouqetBride and Groom's rings surrounded by her bouqet and her boots